the Blue suit is a slow fashion label. Each garment is designed to last many seasons with focus on timelessness, highest quality and perfect fit. Made in Italy, in a small, family – run company in La Marche region. The jackets are always completely finished by a single dressmaker using traditional techniques of which most have already ´emigrated`.


The idea of offering suits is to give confidence not only to the women wearing the suit but also to the women making the suit, by providing fair wages, secure working conditions and regular working hours in Italy.



The Blue suit aims to use natural, organic or recycled materials only and restrain from petroleum - based fabrics like polyester. Most of our organic fabrics are GOTS certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS www.global.standard.org) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria. It ensures that no pesticides or other toxic materials are used.

The organic cotton for the lining is sourced in Italy (ADZIENDA FODERAMI DRAGONI). The organic denim comes from Italy (BERTO) and Turkey (BOSSA and ORTA). Recycled material is used for labels and buttons. To reduce water consumption the denim is only sprayed with water using ¼ of the water used compared to the ordinary washing technique. The water is captured, reused and filtered.


The Blue suit dreams of a zero-waste textile industry for a better planet. This is the truthful motivation for initiating the pioneer project CIRCULAR CLOTHING. A platform for small Swiss textile labels to collaborate on materials and methods that are safe for humans and the environment. With the Blue suit as USE CASE the way towards a shared Cradle to Cradle® supply chain and a Cradle to Cradle Certified® certification is being paved.




The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are humanity`s to – do list for a sustainable planet, a clear roadmap for a better future.* The Blue suit is supporting SDG 5 for Gender Equality, SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals.  


*United Nations office at Geneva